Friday, May 27, 2011

The Swiss Alps

My days here have been quite long. 3/5 mornings I've been out the door by 6 am to get in a hike or bike ride before our 7:30 breakfast.

We've then had talks, posters, and more talks and social time. In between there were also meals and an afternoon break. I generally spent the break either hiking a some more or taking a nap to recover from the information overload or exhaustion from allergies.

On our final day we skipped a session and took a bit of a road trip to explore Chillon Chateau.

Loved the signs posted throughout:

Before heading back to our conference area the guys of our group were hungry since they skipped lunch and decided to check out the Swiss McDonalds. Oh my was this place expensive, try >30 US dollars for 2 big mac meals. This country in general is crazy expensive!!!!


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