Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer to do list

1. Linsday's wedding
2. Lots of hiking
3. Prep talk for next conference
4. Finish up big paper
5. Really start thinking about the next step...whether it's a postdoc or what have you
6. Lots of picnics in Central Park
7. Lots of kayaking around the city
8. Scuba lessons
9. Get camera fixed and start taking more photos with my SLR
10. US Open

And hopefully lots more in between. Still in Paris and just had a breakfast of a baguette, goat cheese, and tea. The perfect way to start a morning in France. Off to the flea market, tea shop, macaron shop, and Notre Dame. Should be a fun and packed day, will share when I return to NYC tomorrow!

Grosses bises,

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  1. Love this to do list! I think I gotta make one, too!!