Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sugar Overload...aka food of Peru part 2

I am sugared out after tasting more than my share of Peruvian desserts over the last 2 weeks and then a birthday/farewell celebration thrown by the school I've been volunteering my time.

Thankfully in between the sweets I've had some tasty healthy meals.

Light Chicken Soup from the hotel with a side of peaches for dessert:

Hearts of Palm salad from La Rosa Nautica (ps Salads are okay in Lima if they used filtered water, if you're not sure don't take the risk-I was 95% sure if was okay at this restaurt and was in need of veggies so I took the risk).

Dessert at La Rosa Nautica, 3 mousses which I split with the other volunteer:

Monday night's salad at Mavery, took off the tomatoes though and had a small empanada on the side:

A granida luisa drink from La 73:

Vegetable quiche from La 73, though not quite a quiche, it was out of this world and I must somehow recreate, ASAP:

They also had a great dessert menu at La 73. We couldn't chose just 1, so we got 3 to split!

Chorros with a homeade nutella:

Orange cheesecake with a carrot cake crust and orange sorbet:

And a choclate molten cake with coconut air and vanilla ice cream, forgot to photograph the before of it but clearly they were all incredibly yummy:

Oh and a granida by the way, looks like this, does anyone know the american name for the fruit? It's small, orange, and very hard.

Once you crack it open it's full of these little pieces of fruit flesh and seeds which you eat. A very odd texture, slimy fruit with crunchy seeds.

San Antonio cafe, Salmon:

and Tres Leches for dessert:

Cherimoya, I forgot to snap a photo of the inside but it's white with large seeds. No idea how to describe the taste:

Another sweet from San Antonio made with coconut:

Hoping to remember my camera tomorrow morning so I can show you my normal breakfast spread.


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