Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hey bloggies,

Taking a break from blogging while I'm at a conference for Endocannabinoid research. Look at the view on the train to our destination town (it's in a remote location in Switzerland with this glacier in the background).

In my free time (about 3 hours a day) I've been going on short hikes and bike rides.

And as for my 30 day no sweet challenge, well it's been pretty much out the door!!! The food here is amazing and I haven't been able to say no to dessert or even the bread....oh so much good food!! Will post about it when the conference is over!

I'm enjoying myself here and pretty much throwing most food rules out of the window, but after my time in Peru and now Europe my pants are getting tighter than ever...so I will be documenting my food closely when I return to the states to make sure I get back into my normal eating patterns, need to still feel good in my bikinis, as for now I will continue to workout daily but enjoy the food-though maybe in a bit more moderation.

See ya when I can,

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