Monday, May 9, 2011

Last Peru Food Post

Hey guys-

Last post on my eatings through Peru, most of the following are from Cusco. Lima is growing into quite the gastronomical capital so the following cannot begin to compare to my last 2 post, that said everything was still delicious and incredibly cheap.

Chifa-Peruvian and Chinese fusion. Less greasy than the American take on chinese with more of a kick thanks to Peruvian chillies.

Hotel breakfast in Cusco, simple but it did the job. Included bread, butter, jams, juice, coffee/tea, and a fried egg:

And you can't go to Cusco without drinking or chewing on coca leaves which also help you to cope with the altitude:

Roasted guinea pig and potatoes at market place of Pisac (Sacred Valley Region of Cusco). Guinea pig is considered to be a delicacy and a healthy protein source.

I stuck with a small cheese empanada:

And corn, look at the size of these kernels:

Trout cooking at the market place:

Trout of my own from dinner that same night:

Back to Lima and my hotel breakfast spread. They provided a western style breakfast with bread, cheese, ham, eggs, bacon, lots of fresh fruit, juices, coffee, and tea:

And alfahores, the Peruvian cookie:

Final big meal in Lima. We went to a buffet so I had a bit of everything:

And because I couldn't leave Peru without trying some distinct products, I had Inca Kola and Gloria yogurt my last night in Lima:


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