Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Machu Picchu

How funny that the Stokes have a song with the same title-Machu Picchu (for some reason I can't embed her in Peru but you can check out the song here).

And see the pictures from my Machu Picchu experience here!
Llamas everywhere!

I took Peru Rail from Machu Picchu back to Cusco. The ride itself was quite an experience, and while Machu Picchu is absolutely beautiful it has become very Disney World like in terms of the crowds and provided entertainment.

During my short train ride we had a dance performace and fashion show!

Quite the contrast from what was going on outside of the train. Here just one of the boys begging for money.

Though that has my experience in Peru overall, both in Cusco and in Lima. The difference is more apparent in Lima where you have the very rich and the very poor. More on that in the next few post.


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