Thursday, May 26, 2011

Conference Eats

This has to be the best I've ever ate at a conference!! My no sweets challenge has been thrown out of the window since I've been in Switzerland and every treat has been worth every bite. I'll get back to it when back in New York.

In no particular order eats over the week and also not everything...

Breakfast of muesli, toast, berries and nutella:

Appetizer of goat cheese mousse and it's salad + that roll, had so many of those rolls:

Apple tart with coca nibs:

Chocolate mousse sponge cake:

Black cherry cake:

Veggie option I took one evening when they were serving beef...never quite figured out what it was:

Poached eggs and salon + salad, another appetizer:

Blueberry panna cotta:

Tonight's menu features fondue so the appetizer is being kept as a mountain salad and fruit for dessert...there will also be more wine from the Aigle region.

Off to dinner,

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