Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another weekend in Philly

Well, that title is a little misleading, it wasn't just another weekend in Philadelphia, I actually met my mother's (who was adopted) biological sister. She came up for the weekend with her boyfriend.

It was too hot to stick with our original plan so we decided to keep it easy, grab an early dinner and walk around a bit. We went to one of the many Marathon restaurants. I was going to go with a simple vegetable salad but at the very last minute decided to add on calamari.

My mom and sister went with club sandwiches, they looked amazing so I had to snap a photo.

I've been craving yogorino since my first visit during the July 4th week. Since we were only a few blocks away we went!

It was a winner! I went with the pistachio and sprinkles once again.

Me, my mom, sister, and my mom's sister Margo:

After saying goodbye I met up with my friends Amanda and Sarah for a girls night! Which meant facials:

Drying as you can see I can't really smile:

Girls night also meant brownies, yum!

And kitty play! Well watching the kitties play...well, maybe sleep!!

This morning we went over to Little Pete's for brunch. I got a huge spinach omelette, which I was able to eat about 3/4 of, it was huge!


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