Friday, July 22, 2011

The Good, the bad, and the ugly

I made it to the knee doctor today, and the verdict, I have PF syndrome. Caused for me because my left patella is positioned slightly higher than a normal knee. The cure for my knee pain-rest and physical therapy to straighten hip and quad muscles.

At first I thought this was a sentence worse than death! How am I to go an unknown amount of time without cardio? But instead of rushing out of lab for a 6 pm spin class, I took my time cleaning up, came home, and cooked a decent dinner. I then went cooking/baking crazy followed by a self guided bout of pilates. I haven't done a routine on my own in sometime which required me to really think about each movement and which exercise I would move to next. I was more focused and centered during my 30 minute session than I have been in sometime. Maybe the knee pain came at a good time, really forcing me to focus on clean eating and other aspects of life. Get some more reading done, play around in the kitchen a bit more, and become centered once more. And yes this is how I spent my Friday night. That and talking to a boy. I completely forgot until talking to said boy that I was actually suppose to attend a happy hour tonight, oops...all the same I don't think I was missed.

Anyhow, time for bed. I'm off to Philly once more tomorrow.


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