Monday, July 11, 2011

Blog Vacation

Hey bloggies,

The last two weeks I've been consumed with talk preparation for a science conference, it was my first big talk so the blog hasn't really been my primary focus, and otherwise I've been enjoying the beautiful weather while it last!

What I've been eating lately...

Lots of salads thanks to an abundance of lettuce from my CSA share.

Lots of smoothies, my blender has been getting quite the workout :)

Smoothie in a bowl featuring 1/3 cup oats and almond milk (leave this part in the fridge overnight and in the morning combine with remaining ingredients), frozen strawberries, frozen cherries, and fresh blueberries all blended together with more blueberries on top!

Chai shakes...seriously a new obsession! The secret to a fabulous beverage...the vanilla bean!

Grilled veggies...

Last night my friend Sherika came over and I pulled out the charcoal for the first time since last summer! I love to grill but so rarely take advantage of the grills in the court yard of my building. Definitely need to do so more often!!

Ended up making mushroom burgers with pepper jack cheese, roasted red pepper, and more veggies on the side:

I also finally made it to the famous Sprinkles cupcake shop. The Manhattan shop opened up in May but I was looking for a special occasion in order to make a purchase. My grandmother's and roommate's birthdays seemed like the perfect occasion.

For my grandmother I bought a mocha, key lime, cinnamon, and coconut. We ended up dividing each into four so we could give each a try!! It's hard to pick a favorite, each was AMAZING, but I think the winner for me was the cinnamon. To be honest it tasted more like a coffee cake, but I think that's why I liked it so much. It was break from the norm.

How have you been spending your summer so far?


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  1. So about my visit in August - I want mushroom burgers (just sayin') oh...and maybe a Sprinkles' cupcake...