Thursday, July 21, 2011

Look at them now

Look who has new music!

The Kooks! I fell in love with this band about the same time I fell in love with the Arctic Monkeys. Their new album doesn't hit the UK until September 4th, but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying the single "Is It Me:"

Okay onto the personal news. Challenge update!

New physical activity-jumping rope. I decided to jump rope for 20 minutes Monday and Wednesday morning and worked up quite the sweat, my legs were actually pretty tired the next day.

New recipe/food-cucumber soup. Not going to lie, wasn't a huge fan of this recipe so I won't share the recipe, maybe I'll give it one more go but will add a banana to sweeten it and treat it as a smoothie?

Plans for tonight:
1. Dinner at new restaurant, can't wait to review tomorrow
2. Some form of low intensity workout, likely pilates and a walk. I'm so bummed to miss my Thursday urban rebounding class but my knee is acting up something terrible, to the point where I've actually made an appointment for the doctor tomorrow-something I probably should have done a long time ago :(
3. Baking-I have so much zucchini so I think I'll make a bread or cookies? And roast some for a salad tomorrow.
4. Reading
5. Pass out :)

One more day til Friday!!

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