Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Boy Bands

Hey all!

How did Monday treat you? Mine was pretty much the norm minus crazy insomnia that had me up at 2:40 am unable to fall asleep :( Hopefully 2 hours working the CSA, a killer workout, and a late night in lab will lead to a face plant on the pillow tonight.

Dinner last night was AMAZING! I've been eyeing Mama Pea's french fry creations for the last week and decided to give the coconut curry variety a try. I followed the recipe exactly except I used fresh ginger.

They were absolutely heavenly, didn't end up using the BBQ sauce for dip-page, it would have ruined the flavor profile. Maybe I'll try her dip next time? I'm also getting dill this week from the CSA so I might give another version a go.

I threw together a simple salad to have with the fries along with a dijon mustard based salad dressing.

A bit later to satisfy my sweet tooth I threw a bagel thin with cashew butter and chocolate chips under the broil to get everything warm...mmm.

New Music Tuesday-The Wanted "Glad You Came"...British/Irish boy band. The song is kinda catchy right, what do you think?

At the same time they kinda want to make me laugh...very typical boy band no?

What's your favorite boy band of all time?


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