Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Revisiting Summer List

Hey all!

Despite a good start to the day I ended up getting into a bit of an afternoon funk, but nothing an afternoon stroll couldn't fix.

And a couple of hours of work at my CSA.

On to tonight's dinner...

Today's CSA included both basil and cilantro so I decided to throw together a quick thai inspired meal.

A small can of light coconut milk, 1/2 tsp of red curry paste simmered for 10 minutes, and then added salt (for a more authentic flavor use fish sauce).

I then added my remaining grilled vegetables,1/2 cup of peas, and a handful of precooked shrimp. At the last minute I threw in some chopped cilantro and basil.

Served on top of lo mein noodles and dinner was served!

In the beginning of June I created a summer to do list, let's check my progress:

1. Linsday's wedding
2. Lots of hiking
3. Prep talk for next conference
4. Finish up big paper
5. Really start thinking about the next step...whether it's a postdoc or what have you
6. Lots of picnics in Central Park
7. Lots of kayaking around the city
8. Scuba lessons
9. Get camera fixed and start taking more photos with my SLR
10. US Open

Mmm...not so good, only 3/10 completed, gotta get a move on the rest!


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