Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunny Days

Hey bloggies~

I definitely need to move to a climate that is always warm. I've had so much energy the last couple of days and loved being able to eat both lunch and dinner outside yesterday. Going to try for the same today, maybe even grill this evening if the thunderstorms keep away.

Lunch yesterday consisted of a huge salad! I packed soup, but soup when the temperature was on it's way to 90* was silly so I ended up getting a salad from my school's cafe. While there are days when I find slim pickings, yesterday I was in veggie heaven. I mean they even had multiple forms of prepared tofu. My tummy was very happy.

Lab mates also taking in their vitamin D:

After a killer chisel class last night at Crunch (we had a substitute class instructor and she was tough), my friend Ena and I grabbed dinner and ate outside. Love that it was after 7 and the sun was still out!

We wrapped up the evening with a sweet treat from Pinkberry. I wasn't planning on getting any but Ena raved about the new seasonal flavor mango and they have a new mini size for only $3 that includes 2 toppings, so I went ahead and ordered the mini mango with yogurt chips and almond slices. She was right, mango was amazing, I think my favorite flavor!!

Look at how cute my mini looks next to her regular sized cup:

Weekend almost here, yay!


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  1. Can I try the black one? Haha!