Saturday, April 17, 2010

Playing it by ear

I had some crazy yet realistic dreams this morning that led to me getting up and out of bed slightly before 7am. The weather forecast had called for rain all day today, but there was nothing but cloudy skies when I glanced out the window. I decided to eat breakfast, let it settle and decide if I wanted to do my long run today or tomorrow.

For breakfast I was craving something savory so I scrambled an egg, heated up Morning Star sauage links (love these things) and spread some laughing cow on 2 thin slices of whole wheat bread. On the side I had a tangelo.

After a little reading and sipping on tea I decided that I would do my long run tomorrow since I had also made plans for a short run with a friend and the skies looked questionable. At the same time I wasn't sure if the friend still wanted to run so I pulled on my workout clothes and hit the gym for the S.T.A.R class which is basically 30 minutes of spin, 20 minutes or strength training with weights, and 10 minutes of stretching. I also ended up running 3 miles.

It's nearly 1 and the friend has a blister and can't run and it's yet to rain, oh well, at least I had a good morning workout. Fingers crossed it doesn't end up raining tomorrow.

After the gym I stopped in the grocery store for tomato sauce, but because I was hungry I ended up grabbing a lot more, all healthy though and everything on sale so it only came to $28!!

Ok, need to shower, and then we will see where the days goes!


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