Friday, April 23, 2010

Morning Benders

This week I went to see the Morning Benders at the Mercury Lounge. I've been waiting for the concert forever, mostly because we had to buy the tickets back in January I think? It's kinda ridiculous how early you have to buy tickets and plan out your life lately in New York. I mean they've been selling tickets for September concerts for the last two months!

Off that soapbox- I love this band! I first heard them open for the Kooks during the summer of '08, saw them again last year at Mercury Lounge. This year they performed predominantly from their new album "Big Echo" which was recorded in San Francisco and mixed in Brooklyn by Grizzly Bear, you can definitely hear their influence in a majority of the tracks.

The band has certainly matured since I saw them first, both physically (they don't look like little boys any more) and stylistically. Singer/guitarist Chris Chu also seems much more comfortable on stage and even song to the groupies, barley wearing clothing in the front. It's amazing what a year can do! Last year the crowd at the Mercury Lounge basically cleared out after a few openers leaving a half empty venue. This year the place was sold out, additional shows were added throughout New York-all of which are sold out!

I hope to see more of the band this summer as they have made NYC their home for the present.


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  1. Ahh! Such a good concert! I think I like the guy in the bottom pic the best.