Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm all smiles

This weekend clearly was not long enough for me, I can't get into a work rhythm today. I blame part of that on my lab-mate defending her thesis today, so I can't start anything because it'll be interrupted my her defense and following celebration ;-). But seriously, once I hit publish it's to work, I have a to do list a mile long!

Since the Morning Benders concert last week I've been in such a good mood! The amazing weather on Saturday, afternoon at MOMA seeing the Marina Abramovic's exhibit, and laying out in Central Park reminded me what I love about NYC.

To top the weekend off my roommate, a few school mates and I made some gourmet mac and cheese, our attempt to imitate S'mac, a macaroni and cheese specialty restaurant in NYC. I'm thankful that I ran my 10 miles that morning (I'm training for a half marathon) because I didn't feel quite as bad about overindulging. We ended up making 4 different versions and I had a taste of everything and then went back for a few more bites of each, but everything was incredible!

There was a spinach and artichoke dip inspired mac 'n' cheese with white wine, fontina and parm cheeses (I made this one):

And white wine left for sipping :)

A fig and brie mac 'n' cheese, this one was on the sweeter side, a dessert mac 'n' cheese if you will (sorry for dark photo):

And one made with spicy jack cheese, and wheat crackers for a topping:

Taking mac 'n' cheese on the liberal side, we also had a veggie loaded sauce with tortellini, I ended up using the sauce but mixed it with the spinach and artichoke dip version:

My bowl of everything else all mixed together:

Surprisingly I wasn't stuffed after sampling everything, so I guess I didn't indulge too badly after all?

Time to grind!



  1. mac and cheese looks incredible beyond belief! do ya'll have Trader Joes in NYC?

  2. We do! Unfortunately it's downtown so I don't get there as often as I would like, and because it's the only one in Manhattan the lines are crazy long :(

  3. OMG you have stolen my heart with all this mac n cheese talk!

    the brie and FIG sounds divine!