Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring in the air

Spring in the air....

After work this evening I met up with a postdoc and tech from the first lab I rotated in my first year of graduate school. I really needed to just sit out, sip on a margarita, and enjoy the fresh weather this evening. I had such a bad case of spring fever, if you will, today and just could not concentrate! I wrote for about 3 hours this morning and then I couldn't think of how to spell words let alone form structured sentences. I ended up walking away from the paper and onto some other work. Ideally I would like to send some kind of draft to my boss tomorrow so we can chat about it on Thursday, but I'm not feeling so great about it at the moment.

While chatting with my former lab-mates I felt a bit better about my situation. Part of the problem is that I'm doing something so different than anyone else in my current lab and am reluctant to get underway. But what is progress without failure? I also just came across this quote that gives me courage "If your gonna screw up, do it while you're young. Older you get, the harder it is to bounce back." For me this means make mistakes early so you can learn from them and move on. It is so much better to have an experiment fail in my second year than in my fifth when I'm trying to graduate.

I was also excited today to find out that an exchange student in my lab wants to join me for long runs once a week. I'm glad to have a friend along to push me on longer distances especially since I've been slacking a bit due to sickness and weekend travels.

If I could just kick the lingering signs of my cold I would be a happy camper!


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