Friday, April 23, 2010

What's up?

What is going on with me lately? 2 months ago-the flu, 1 month ago-a cold, yesterday-head to toe hives after running 3.5 miles or so?

Yesterday was crazy! I wish I had a picture of myself (actually I'm probably glad I don't) but I mean even my tongue got a bit swollen. So glad I was not running by myself and was with a friend who gladly opened the Benadryl and water when my hands were too swollen to do so. Thankfully I also brought $10 dollars with me on the run to by the Benadryl, unfortunately that was not enough to also take a cab home, so we had to walk about 30 blocks. In the end, after a shower and sitting still for 45 minutes all was clear. Well my hands weren't quite right until this morning. Anyhow, definitely need to figure out what the trigger food was so I can avoid eating it 24 hours prior to a run.

Today I plan to spin and run 3-4 miles, but at the gym, so hopefully no crazy reaction. I have another long run scheduled for Sunday, so I hope all works out.

As far as the food goes-wanted to show you my snack drawer at work. This week I haven't needed it quite so much because I've dug into the cake baked earlier in the week by my roommate and lemon bars by moi, a bit too much. While I know I indulged my sweet tooth entirely too much this week, the extra fat in my system kept my hunger away for hours.

Normally around 3 or so I dig into the drawer for a cup of herbal tea, hot chocolate, a granola bar and/or a piece of fruit that I bring in daily.

What do you do to ward off afternoon hunger?


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