Saturday, April 3, 2010

Emerging from the Blossoms

Hey all~

We had the most beautiful weekend! After settling in on Thursday afternoon we headed to the National Zoo.

Apart from the warming temperatures and budding flowers spring was in the air in the form of new birth. Look at the adventurous baby gorilla. Up the rope...

...and sliding back down.
First of many cherry blossoms spotted in the zoo:

After leaving the zoo we were quite hungry but didn't have any place in mind for dinner. We walked along the main street towards the Metro and scanned the menus in passing and opted for Lebanese Taverna Cafe. I opted for the hommos bar-spicy hommos, falafel, and veggies for dipping. Fresh pita bread, both whole grain and white, were continually brought to the table. My mom and sister also ended up ordering from the hommos bar. I was afraid we would have hummus overload (I say hummus they say hommos), but unlike NYC hummus restaurants the servings were actually perfect for one person.

I still had room in my tummy so we all spilt an order of Lebanese doughnuts with warm pudding and vanilla-honey cardamom/chocolate ice cream.

Day 2 to come...

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